About CoinDesk

CoinDesk is the leading digital media, events and research company in the rapidly growing world of cryptocurrency and digital assets. We strive to be the preeminent media platform covering the global financial system’s transformation and to serve the information needs of the next generation of global investing.

The team of subject matter experts at CoinDesk delivers reliable and relevant content to both individuals and businesses, enabling them to make impactful decisions and stay current on this evolving industry.

CoinDesk is a fast-growing company with incredible ambition. Our global presence has grown exponentially through top-quality journalism and event production, creating a community with millions of members. We are all excited to continue on this journey and take pride in the opportunity to make a lasting impact. We’re looking for people willing to take on new challenges and immerse themselves  in a world of intelligent, forward-thinking and fun humans.

The Position:

CoinDesk, the global leader in crypto and blockchain news, seeks a versatile Social Media Editor to extend our brand voice on off-platform channels as the company seeks to reach and engage deeply with new and loyal audiences.

The Social Media Editor is a deft multitasker who interacts with video, podcast, events, newsroom, research, newsletter and marketing operations to strategize, execute and supervise day-to-day posting and special project promotion on social platforms.

The Social Media Editor serves an important role as the gateway between content and audience, and has a special focus on building off-site content strategies to engage and retain an audience new to digital assets as well as seasoned veterans to the space. Beyond having working knowledge of the fundamentals of tech, finance or cryptocurrency (preferably all), the right candidate has proven experience breaking down technical concepts, in making them accessible and enjoyable to consume, and in using them to generate conversation, engagement and organic community expansion.

The Social Media Editor is a proven self-starter with a creative approach to social content strategy. They write and edit quickly, cleanly and succinctly, and they must be a master of shaping copy and social-native content to match the voice of different social networks. They also need to be a strong collaborator, working virtually in real-time with a distributed editorial team to take hold of relevant social conversations, all while keeping strong journalistic ethics and standards.

The Social Media Editor must also be flexible enough to manage some promotional activities across other products, and to write on-site copy to promote special projects. A well-rounded toolkit of multimedia, design, data charting and live coverage is a plus.

The Social Media Editor plays an integral role in broader audience strategy. This individual must be comfortable with analytics, have an understanding of how to measure success (both broadly and on a project basis) and embrace experimentation. They are experienced with identifying opportunities within social media trends to inform editorial strategy.

We understand that not all candidates possess every single attribute and requirement listed; we’re looking for a well-rounded candidate who isn’t afraid to learn new skills and concepts from executing a viral TikTok video strategy to breaking down the newest trends in decentralized finance.

The Social Media Editor reports to the Associate Director, Audience Strategy.

Please submit a cover letter outlining your experience with digital finance news and social media engagement and your interest in joining CoinDesk’s mission.


  • Develop a unique, authoritative voice for CoinDesk products off-site that builds trust, piques interest and engages new and loyal audiences
  • Execute daily social media posts, including written copy, designs and multimedia, and edit or oversee production of social media copy across newsroom, TV, podcasts, research, events and data (i.e. indices)
  • Produce, edit and publish social video, graphics and text content for CoinDesk TV coverage
  • Handle promotion and recirculation of CoinDesk TV video clips and segments on social media including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram; retweet guests of CoinDesk TV, podcasts and events, including monitoring their profiles to retweet relevant comments and coming up with creative ways to provoke social media conversation
  • Measure and report social media performance to optimize sharing strategies and provide guidance to stakeholders to improve engagement
  • Quickly respond to news with social-native content, amplifying important stories with multimedia, graphics, live tweeting, tweet threads or other social tools
  • Collaborate with marketing team to promote special projects, major events, sponsored webinars, new products and other diverse initiatives
  • Work with Learn Editor to develop a social strategy around CoinDesk’s educational content that appeals to an audience new to crypto
  • Develop and implement strategies to promote ongoing editorial franchises, including newsletters, podcasts and shows
  • Work across editorial, multimedia, events and other teams to develop and execute social strategies from news content to longer campaigns
  • Research competitors and deliver recommendations to help inform social media strategy
  • Explore, leverage and experiment with untapped social platforms and tools to reach new audiences
  • Moderate social media comments and messages, identifying opportunities to engage directly with users on behalf of the CoinDesk brand, especially on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram


  • 3-5 years of experience managing social media for a media company or comparable organization
  • Impeccable writing and editing command and ability to execute various tones for different target audiences
  • Familiarity with financial and cryptocurrency news
  • Proven success at creating and packaging social media content that drives engagement
  • Ability to think outside the box and drive engagement through creative solutions with niche audiences
  • Thorough knowledge of social media production, management and analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Parsley, Chartbeat and Sprout
  • Deep familiarity with managing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and other off-site platforms including TikTok, WhatsApp, Telegram, Reddit and Discord
  • Ability to work both autonomously and collaboratively, and have a proactive approach to executing deliverables
  • Ability to handle short-term and long-term goals for various projects on deadline in a fast-paced, news-driven organization
  • AP style experience a strong plus
  • Video, design and multimedia production experience a strong plus