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About WeCruitr.com

Lately, the job search experience for many people is cold, inhumane, rude, and devoid of feedback.  Precious time is wasted on filling out lengthy irrelevant applications on glitchy job boards and never hearing back from anyone.  Technology has replaced real live people and it’s only getting worse.

We have created WeCruitr as an alternative.  Our site offers a simple and elegant solution to expedite the job search. We provide job seekers and recruiters the opportunity to easily connect.

Our goal is to bring back human interactions, conversations, feedback, respect and dignity to the job search experience.

We want to eliminate the time, effort, and frustration associated with a job search. After working a long pressure-filled day, job seekers return home tired, but are forced to spend hours surfing tedious job boards, filling out endless applications and feeling that their resumes went into some internet black hole. Precious time is taken away from their family, friends and other social engagements.

With WeCruitr, we hope to make your job search a pleasant, productive and successful experience. Most of all, we want you to feel treated like a human being and not a cog in the machine.

For Recruiters, WeCruitr will be the only site dedicated to helping you stand out. We respect the work you do and want to ensure that you are able to connect with top-talented candidates in your field of specialization. We will do everything in our power to help you place people in great jobs and grow your business.

In a time when every site seems to be squeezing out Recruiters, we embrace you and our mission is to help you succeed.

This is more than a site, it is a mission to change the job search experience for the better. We intend to fight to the end to push back on all the technology that is making people miserable, and offer a better solution that will make you happy.

With Recruiters and Job Seekers communicating, connecting and collaborating together, we will help everyone succeed.

Best Regards,
Jack Kelly, CEO and Founder
Phone: 212.997.5061
Email: jack@wecruitr.com